Monday 15 May 2017

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Friday 14 April 2017

Recent Press

Interview with 'A Jazz Noise':

Interview with 'Opduvel' (in Dutch):

DunningWebsterUnderwood 'Viol Of Acetate' reviewed in The Quietus:

Birchall / Cheetham / Webster / Willberg 'Plastic Knuckle' reviewed in The Quietus:

Birchall / Cheetham / Webster / Willberg 'Plastic Knuckle' and Cheetham / Webster / Willberg 'The Small Departs, The Great Approaches' reviewed in Dalston Sound:

Birchall / Smal / Webster 'Drop Out' reviewed in His Voice (in Czech):

Monday 10 April 2017

Drop Out

New cassette release on the Astral Spirits label from Austin, Texas. 'Drop Out' is a studio session with David Birchall (guitar) and Rogier Smal (drums) recorded on the last day of our UK tour last year.

"This is communal music making to blow the roof off, the trio letting rip with a rackety drive that’s as infectious as it is abrasive, the open-endedness of free improvisation driven forward by a rocket fuel bootlegged from free jazz’s volcanic wellspring." - Paul Margree, We Need No Swords (full review)

"The nervy skronk of the first side has Webster spitting out staccato phrases, while Birchall switches between high-end slide squall reminiscent of Borbetomagus's Donald Miller, and lunging stoner riffage. Smal ramps it all up by hammering at his snare like a speed-addled carpenter, before dialling things back for a twitchy and atmospheric passage that ultimately takes off like peppercorns on a hot skillet." - Stewart Smith, The Quietus (full review)

Line-up: David Birchall - guitar, Rogier Smal - drums, Colin Webster - alto saxophone

Thursday 2 March 2017

5 Years Of Raw Tonk Records

Raw Tonk Records celebrates five years of existence this month with a series of events, including a short tour of Belgium and The Netherlands, mini festivals in London and Manchester, as well as gigs in Birmingham and Oslo.

Raw Tonk Lowlands Tour:

London and Manchester mini festivals:

Tickets for the '5 Years of Raw Tonk' festivals are available here:

On 21st March Raw Tonk takes over the long-running Fizzle night at The Lamp Tavern in Birmingham with sets from Webster/Holub duo and Ma/ti/om.

On 2nd April Raw Tonk artists will be performing at Cappelens Forslag in Oslo.

Finally, I was interviewed by Paul Margree for a label feature on his We Need No Swords podcast:

Sunday 19 February 2017

Feature on Bandcamp Daily

I was recently interviewed by Danny Riley for a feature on Bandcamp Daily called 'New Directions in Sax'. Read the full article here:

(photo credit Peter Fay)

Saturday 28 January 2017

Viol of Acetate

New split cassette release on the London based Lumen Lake label, 'Viol of Acetate' is a live album by DunningWebsterUnderwood recorded at Cafe Oto last year. The tape is split with Rutger Hauser who also performed on the same evening. The cassette release is a limited edition of 80 with multi-layered translucent artwork by John Harries. 

Line-up: Graham Dunning - turntable and dubplates, Colin Webster - baritone saxophone, Sam Underwood - tuba.

Friday 23 December 2016

Plastic Knuckle

New release on Raw Tonk Records, 'Plastic Knuckle' is a studio session with Andrew Cheetham on drums, Otto Willberg on bass, and David Birchall on guitar. This is the follow-up album to 'Night Streets of Madness' by this Manchester based quartet.

Line-up: David Birchall - guitar, Andrew Cheetham - drums, Colin Webster - alto and baritone saxophones, Otto Willberg - double bass.