Monday 10 April 2017

Drop Out

New cassette release on the Astral Spirits label from Austin, Texas. 'Drop Out' is a studio session with David Birchall (guitar) and Rogier Smal (drums) recorded on the last day of our UK tour last year.

"This is communal music making to blow the roof off, the trio letting rip with a rackety drive that’s as infectious as it is abrasive, the open-endedness of free improvisation driven forward by a rocket fuel bootlegged from free jazz’s volcanic wellspring." - Paul Margree, We Need No Swords (full review)

"The nervy skronk of the first side has Webster spitting out staccato phrases, while Birchall switches between high-end slide squall reminiscent of Borbetomagus's Donald Miller, and lunging stoner riffage. Smal ramps it all up by hammering at his snare like a speed-addled carpenter, before dialling things back for a twitchy and atmospheric passage that ultimately takes off like peppercorns on a hot skillet." - Stewart Smith, The Quietus (full review)

Line-up: David Birchall - guitar, Rogier Smal - drums, Colin Webster - alto saxophone

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