Thursday 12 November 2015

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DunningWebsterUnderwood - Bleed
"..a slow, steady exploitation of applied pressure, an improvisation structured on deep breath-blooms like monolithic, dry ice-shrouded Sunn O))) riffs, stretched and slowed." Tim Owen, Dalston Sound

Birchall/Cheetham/Webster/Willberg - Night Streets Of Madness
"Even in the realm of free improvisation, music rarely sounded this brutally physical. Each of these four virtuoso instrumentalists is given the space to produce some of their best individual improvisations and solos to date, but Night Streets Of Madness works best when they play as one single instinctive entity, somehow twisting punishing impulsiveness into densely textured long form (spontaneous) compositions." Tristan Bath, The Quietus

Reviews of 'Bleed', 'Night Streets Of Madness', and Dikeman/Serries/Lisle/Webster - Live at Cafe Oto 
"Webster.. has an instinctive gift for hooking up with sound-makers of all stripes, his questing drive to produce far-out sounds balanced only by the generosity and egalitarianism of his own musical practices. You could say that he plays ‘in the pocket’ – a strange term to use for a horn player, yet it reflects Webster’s ability to lock into a groups’ dynamic, neither dominating it with his contributions nor becoming submerged." Paul Margree, We Need No Swords.

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Photo credit: Dawid Laskowski

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