Wednesday 30 October 2013

Antennae - Available Now

After long delays, my solo album 'Antennae' is finally available on cassette from the Gaffer Records store:

The album is a series of short improvisations exploring a strict palette of minimal saxophone sounds, with an emphasis on breath and mechanical noises over "pure/natural" notes. The instrument was close-miked to heighten the presence of these sounds. However, no effects, multi-tracking or external processing were applied to the recording. 

Each cassette comes with a digital version of the album, which contains two bonus remixes by Graham Dunning and Alex Bonney. The digital version is available to stream or download here:

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Recent Press, Reviews, and Airplay

Some recent reviews of Dead Neanderthals - '...And It Ended Badly':

Burning Ambulance (US), October 2013:
“One might have expected Webster’s presence to disrupt the duo dynamic that Kokke and Aquarius have developed, but it’s remarkable how he blends right in, as if he’s always been there.”

Echoes & Dust (UK), October 2013:
“In fact just about the only negative that draws to a mind upon its conclusion is that it isn’t just a tad longer, for this is certainly one of the most enjoyable and listenable jazz records I’ve heard in the past couple of years"

Ears For Eyes (UK), October 2013:
“‘…And It Ended Badly’ is packed with heat and fire; a fully committed passionate ensemble performance. Free-Jazz of the post-Ascension kind, the players locked in a to-the-death battle, full of screaming expression"

3Voor12 Gelderland (Holland), October 2013:

Cultuur Bewust (Holland), October 2013:

Jazz Flits (Holland), October 2013:

One track from the album was also featured on the excellent Free Form Freakout podcast:

'...And It Ended Badly' is available from:

Chik Budo Remix French For Cartridge

Chik Budo have remixed "Under a Parasol" for Finnish-Belgian Avant-pop group "French for Cartridge". The duo have recently released their new album "We Humans”, and the remix forms part of their next EP which will be available soon on iTunes.

Wednesday 16 October 2013

...And It Ended Badly - Available Now

'...And It Ended Badly' - the collaboration I recorded with Dead Neanderthals is now available from Raw Tonk Records on CD and download. The full album can also streamed from the site:

The first few reviews have come in from: Burning AmbulanceEchoes and Dust, and Dutch blog 3voor12.

Also, Marlon Wolterink wrote a piece about recording and mastering the album:

Finally we have some lo-fi footage from the recording session. Here's a clip of 'It Went On For Days':

Monday 14 October 2013

Sunday 13 October 2013

Live Portrait

Great live portrait courtesy of Mirabel White.