Monday 20 September 2010

Raise The Hallows

I'm co-promoting and performing at this event coming up on halloween. I'll be playing with the Swiss improv duo Diatribes who are touring the UK this october with a revolving cast of collaborators.

Especially for halloween, Max from Transient Constellations and myself have brought together a selection of London's finest noise, improv, and hardcore artists for a night of ghostly interference, demonic chanting, dismembered instruments, and otherworldly sonic explorations!

DIATRIBES w/ Colin Webster





Friday 3 September 2010

Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band @ Passing Clouds

The Spasm Band are playing a rare London show at Passing Clouds in Dalston on 10th September. Voodoo Funk - Congo Punk!

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Firebox presents Afreaka Show (AKA Black is Beautiful)

I'll be performing at this on Sept 12th at Joiner's Arms, Hackney Road, Shoreditch:


A group of some of London's finest improvisers, collectively known as 'Fire Box', converge to present a series of musical journeys. Starting from spaced-out jazz vamps and moments of silence the performers take the listener into a world of spontaneous musical happenings. Taking inspiration from the likes of Sun Ra, Derek Bailey, Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman.

Firebox will pay tribute on this evening to anti-apartheid activist S...teve Biko, who died in police custody 33 years ago. Steve Biko formed the Black Conciousness Movement in South Africa, empowering and mobilising the black urban population, and is credited with coining the phrase "black is beautiful".

Performers on the night are:

Shura Greenberg: Double Bass
Craig Tamlin: Drums
Gareth Wilkins: Fender Rhodes, Synths
James Marsh: Alto Sax
Colin Webster: Tenor Sax
David O'Connor: Baritone Sax

This event is free entry, and bar is open til late