Tuesday 29 September 2015

Night Streets Of Madness

New release on the excellent Manchester based Tombed Visions label. 'Night Streets Of Madness' is the debut album by Birchall / Cheetham / Webster / Willberg quartet.

Recorded at the legendary Islington Mill in Salford, Night Streets Of Madness is available on limited edition cassette and download.

Line-up: David Birchall (guitar), Andrew Cheetham (drums), Colin Webster (tenor and baritone saxophones), Otto Willberg (double bass).

Thursday 10 September 2015

DunningWebsterUnderwood - Bleed

DunningWebsterUnderwood is a new project adding 'drone-doom' tubaist Sam Underwood to my long-running saxophone and turntable duo with Graham Dunning. Our debut album 'Bleed' was recorded last year in an improvised session at Sam's studio in Worcestershire.

"..a slow, steady exploitation of applied pressure, an improvisation structured on deep breath-blooms like monolithic, dry ice-shrouded Sunn O))) riffs, stretched and slowed." - Tim Owen (Dalston Sound)

The album is available on CD and download from Adaadat Records.

Line-up: Graham Dunning - turntable & effects, Colin Webster - baritone saxophone, Sam Underwood - tuba