Monday 28 February 2011

Koi Bombs Album Launched!

The new album by my trio with Mark Holub and Toby McLaren was released at the end of January. We had the launch party at Stoke Newington International Airport. It was a great night, great bands, and a large and receptive crowd!

The trio also played the legendary Boat-Ting (improv club on a boat on the Thames) earlier in the week. The intimate dimensions of the venue really suited us, and the set was very powerful. We hadn't played together for over a month, so things were fresh and firing! We also played a set the following week at Rays Jazz Cafe in central London. The polite coffee shop atmosphere was slightly at-odds with our outlandish improvisations, but after a bit of an apologetic start we got into it.

The album is now available from Gaffer Records and at gigs.

Here's a clip of the trio from the album launch:

More clips and sounds from the trio gigs coming soon.

Also in January I played a show as a guest with Loup - the duo of Sheik Anorak and Clement Edouard. We played an intense set at Indo in Whitechapel with Sheik Anorak on drums, Clement on alto and electronics and myself on baritone.. Hopefully some clips from this show coming soon as well.