Tuesday 21 August 2012

Recent Webster/Holub Live Recordings

A few audio clips from recent Webster/Holub gigs in London. These were our last UK gigs for a while, as Mark is moving to Vienna. The next gig for us is at Gaffer Fest in Lyon in October.


Saturday 18 August 2012

Duo With Graham Dunning

I've just finished recording a series of saxophone and turntable improvisations with Graham Dunning. Graham is a sound/visual artist who uses a lot of field recordings, tapes, found sounds, custom vinyl, etc.. in his work. In this project he used a fairly minimal set-up of a turntable and mixer. For me this is a continuation of the solo work I've done recently, exploring extended techniques, and employing very quiet sounds. We'll be looking to release the recordings once we've finished the editing/mastering process. Meanwhile here's a link to Graham's work, and a couple of shots from the session: