Wednesday 4 February 2015

Viscera Press

Viscera - my duo album with Mark Holub has received some excellent press since it was released by New Atlantis Records in October last year:

"To be able to say you have heard something unique is rare these days. Of course, every musician's recordings are unique but occasionally there arrives an album which is truly 'stand alone' and Viscera (New Atlantic),the third album by saxophonistColin Webster and drummer Mark Holub is one such album."  - Sammy Stein, All About Jazz (full review)

"..see this as a latterday Interstellar Space."  - Stephen Graham, Marlbank (full review)

"..a gutsy, complex record, full of vibrancy and raw lyricism." - Paul Margree, We Need No Swords (full review)

"Webster and Holub have created an album that’s as gutsy as its title, and steadily fascinating throughout its run."  - Justin Cober-Lake, Dusted (full review) 

Full review in the November issue of Jazzwise Magazine by Dan Spicer.

Full review by Something Else!
Full review by Enola (Belgium)
Full review by Tomajazz (Spain)
Full review by Music Tales (France)
Short review by Free Form Free Jazz (Brazil)

Viscera is available on CD and download:

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