Monday 2 December 2013

Recent Press and Reviews

Some recent reviews of Dead Neanderthals - '…And It Ended Badly'

Kinda Muzik (Holland), November 2013:

'…And It Ended Badly' was also featured in the top 7 albums of the week on Kinda Muzik:

Enola (Benelux), November 2013:

Don't Count On It (US), November 2013:
"… a must listen for all jazz heads this year"

Spiral Shadow (Germany), November 2013:
"Webster, Kokke, and Aquarius have created a very complex piece of art that is worth being discovered and unravelled piece by piece"

'…And It Ended Badly' and Webster/Holub 'The Claw' were both covered in Canadian blog Monsieur Delire:

'…And It Ended Badly' and my solo tape 'Antennae' were covered in Brazilian blog Free Form Free Jazz:

'…And It Ended Badly' also had an excellent review in the November print edition of Dutch magazine 'Gonzo Circus':

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