Monday 6 April 2009

Cully Jazz Festival, Switzerland

This weekend the Spasm Band played our first gig in Switzerland at the Cully Jazz Festival. The set went down really well, with the band getting called back for 2encores - it reminded me of the first gigs we did in France back in 2007, when the audience didn't know quite what to expect! Cully is a beautiful town set on the shore of Lake Geneva, with mountains all around.

Earlier in the day we weren't sure if there would be a gig at all.. All the flights out of City Airport (which is a total shit-hole) were cancelled. Luckily we got put on one later in the day that went to Zurich. This meant a race cross-country to make our soundcheck, but we would be there in time. We all got on the plane, but Christian was missing! We landed in Zurch without our guitarist wondering what to do. Then we got a voicemail saying he was on the next flight an hour-and-a-half later. He arrived and we made it to Cully just in time for our set 14 hours after we set off from home.

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