Saturday 30 July 2016


New cassette release on the Tombed Visions label, 'Oval' is taken from an improvised studio session with Graham Dunning on turntable, dubplates, and effects. 

"Punctuated by space-echo swirls and throbbing with heaving drones, Oval is a far spacier record than Dunning and Webster’s previous collaborations. Where, for instance, Estigate, their first joint on Linear Obsessional Recordings, stuttered and started in spasmodic convulsions, this one heaves and swells.
Oval has a kind of cinematic grandeur, an impressionistic rapture in broad brushstrokes and dappled light to contrast with the pointillism of its predecessor. Even if the second side is more sparse and kinetic, it still feels windswept and expansive in it’s bruised intimacy.”

Robert Barry – The Wire. July 2016

Line-up: Colin Webster - Baritone Saxophone, Graham Dunning - Turntable, Dubplates, Spring Reverbs

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